Ukrainian general admits the truth about Lugansk and Donetsk


September 19, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Boris Dzherelievsky, in, translated by Tom Winter –

The “Red line” on the map of Ukraine afflicts the Americans 

One of the leaders of the Ukrainian punitive forces made a rather unexpected confession, not only disproving the main point of the Kiev propaganda, but also revealing the import of the US State Department’s special representative for Ukraine. 

The commander of the operational-tactical grouping of the Lugansk troops, General Oleg Mikats, told the media that the Ukrainian armed forces possess the necessary weapons, equipment, and training to inflict military defeat on the Armed Forces of the People’s Republics. However, the Kiev junta can not implement this, because an authorized full-scale offensive will mean the breach of the Minsk agreements. Which, in turn, will deprive Kiev of EU patronage, at least Germany and France, which are guarantors of Minsk. 

“So, what is next? How will events develop most likely? I’ll tell you how. Ukraine will be accused of violating the Minsk agreements. And this will untie Russia’s hands. Russia will bring in its forces and means, will begin to use aviation, which it has, will begin to use cruise missiles, which it has … After that, Russia will no longer be perceived as an aggressor – it will look like a savior. Because Ukraine has violated the Minsk agreements,” the general said, urging not to speculate on this topic. Because fighting with Russia and fighting with the militia – are two different things. 

Thus, he admitted that the APU is at war not with Russian troops, but with the LDPR armies, thus refuting the most important foundation of all Kiev propaganda about “Russian aggression”

“Yes indeed, up to the border (i.e not at all in the territory of the Donbass) there are battalions of tactical groups, brigades, and divisions, which are listed in Russia on alert, armies that they have gathered,” Mikats admits, setting up the rhetorical question: “Why?” And then he explains that the units and units of the Russian Army concentrated at the borders will immediately strike a blow if the Kiev rebels cross the “red line,” like trying to capture Donetsk or Lugansk. 

However, Mikats’ speech is interesting not so much for its involuntary exposure of Kiev’s lies, as much as recognition of the importance in the situation that is being attached in Kiev to Minsk agreements — or to the “Minsk dead end.” Such a nickname is quite reasonable, given the fact that, as the Ukrainian general explained, the junta is afraid of becoming a universally recognized violator of the Minsk agreements, and losing the support of the West and then being left face to face with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducting an operation to force peace. 

This gives the key to understanding the persistence with which Kurt Volker, the representative of the State Department for Ukraine, is trying to achieve a rejection of the Minsk agreements. Practically in each of his speeches and comments he declares that “Minsk” is not a panacea, that there are other ways and ways to achieve peace in the Donbass.

Actually, all his contacts with Vladislav Surkov were subordinated to the same goal: to achieve, at all costs, that Russia should abandon the Minsk format by switching to other agreements. Then the main thing is that the guarantors of some other agreements would not be France and Germany, which are absolutely not interested in aggravating the situation in the Donbass. It is clear that the Americans would not want to further complicate the already difficult relations with their main allies in continental Europe. 

However, if “strongly pushed”, Americans, without hesitation, will cross it. But, one can not doubt that the “red line” will work even without a “Minsk”. Actually, it was outlined before the conclusion of these agreements. Suffice it to recall that Moscow, without much difficulty, managed to persuade Kiev to refrain from using aviation in any punitive operation in the Donbass. It must also be admitted that, strictly speaking, even in the break-up of the Minsk agreements, and the Peoples Republics and Moscow can be blamed for the disruption (and such a probability is great, given the boundless arrogance of Western politicians), if an operation to enforce peace begins against it, no one will come to help the Kiev junta. Just as they did not come, despite promises, to Saakashvili’s regime that committed aggression in 2008 against South Ossetia.

So then do the Minsk agreements have no value? Of course they do. Their role — at least, as some psychological barrier restraining the Banderists — is difficult to overestimate. 

Despite the fact that they already have blood on their hands up to the elbows, they still do not want to openly disregard the signed agreements, fearing that they will be the aggressors in the eyes of Europeans. On the contrary, they are trying with all their might to present LDNR and Russia as violators and saboteurs of the peace process. 

For example, Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said that the Armed Forces began massively bombarding the republics of Donbass in the hope that they would respond to provocations so Poroshenko would be able to present the LDPR in the UN General Assembly in a negative light. 

“On the eve of Poroshenko’s speech at the UN General Assembly on September 20 and the next meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group in Minsk, the Armed Forces intensified bombardments targetting the residential districts of the republic. In his speech, Piotr Poroshenko plans to accuse the leadership of the republics of violations of the ceasefire regime,” Eduard Basurin said. 

In any case, the Banderites will arrange more and more provocations. After all, the Franco-German guarantors of the Minsk Agreements, looking for reasons for getting out from the sanctions, are increasingly demanding that Kiev fulfill its obligations

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