Whistleblowers claim that Kurds are posing with Assyrian flags in Iraqi Kurdistan referendum rallies


September 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Al-Sura News has reported that Assyrian whistleblowers are claiming that Kurdish citizens in Iraqi Kurdistan are posing as Assyrians with their flags at referendum rallies.

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Iraqi Kurdistan will be conducting an unconstitutional independence referendum on September 25, where it is expected that the Yes vote will overwhelmingly win.

Al-Sura News explained that because the whistleblowers fear reprisals against their families in Al-Qosh, a center for the Assyrian community in northern Iraq, the whistleblowers cannot reveal their identities.

The Assyrian community are increasingly worried about being absorbed into a newly created Kurdish state as the current Kurdish administration continues to attack Assyrians in position of power in the region, including replacing the Assyrian mayor of Al-Qosh with a Kurd some weeks back.

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