At least 100 “European” jihadists await their trial in Iraq


October 8th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

The Iraqi ambassador to Belgium, Jawad Al Shailhawi, said that about 100 ISIS terrorists from European countries will soon appear before the Iraqi judicial authorities.

It is expected that majority of them will receive death penalites.

In an interview with Belgian public television network RTBF, the Iraqi diplomat confirmed the arrest of more than 100 foreign militants who fought alongside the terrorist group ISIS in Iraq, among them being the citizens of Russia, France, Germany, Turkey and even some Central Asian countries. 

About 1400 of their families members who traveled to Iraq alongside them, children including, are still being held by the Iraqi authorities near the city of Mosul. 

The diplomat noted that the Iraqi authorities are consulting with the European governments on determining the fate of these family members, though many of the governments simply refuse to receive them. 

“Family members of ISIS terrorists are being held under strict security measures while awaiting for a decision of the government in their country of origin”, the news agency Reuters quoted Colonel Ahmed Al Tai, the head of the Iraqi Army’s Nineveh Operations Command, as saying.

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