French leader tells workers to “stop wreaking f***ing havoc”


October 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

French President Emmanuel Macron has shocked workers in the country by telling protesting workers to “stop wreaking f***ing havoc” as they struggle to keep their jobs. 

The shocking comments were made as the president visited a GM&S car parts manufacturing plant that is under threat of shutting down.

Workers demonstrated outside the plant and minor clashes with riot police occurred.

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A local Socialist party official revealed to the president that another factory, some 150 miles away, needed workers.

The president said that: “There are some who, rather than wreaking f***ing havoc, would be better off seeking if they could get a job there because some of them have the right qualifications.” 

He also said protesting workers were “stirring up s***.”

“Yachts, private jets, race horses, races cars or gold ingots are no longer included in the new wealth tax. That can’t be,” Joel Giraud, an allied lawmaker charged with steering the budget through parliamentary committees told Le Parisien in regards to Macron scrapping France’s symbolic wealth tax.

“These kinds of symbols must be taxed much more. A yacht is bling-bling. It isn’t productive for the economy,” he added.

Macron is often accused of being a president for France’s elite and rich.

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