Have Neo-Nazis outplayed the oligarchs?


October 29 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

MOSCOW, Russia. “Regardless of who wins the current confrontation in Ukraine, it is a matter of establishing an open dictatorship.” stated Russia’s political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

“The Neo – Nazis will strengthen, which now constitute a force on both sides. These guys will then start to fraternize, and attempt to decide who their leader is, and how they can each save the country.”

He believes that a Nazi dictatorship was not established in Ukraine as far back as 2014, only because of the intervention of the West previously.

“The Nazi revolution was launched and, according to the logic of the development process, it should end with the coming to power of absolute scumbags. For a while, our Western colleagues did everything to stabilize the regime, remove the Nazis from the streets and send them home. But it didn’t work and could not work, so the West began to withdraw. Accordingly, the situation arrived at the point of 2014.” Ishchenko said.

In his opinion, the Nazis used oligarchs to strengthen their influence on the authorities.

“Poroshenko, from a liberal-nationalist agenda – by the end of the  game came to an open Nazi agenda. He began to make and sign those laws, which the Nazis demanded from him back in 2014. Then it was considered wrong, now the president personally signs them,” Ishchenko said.

The expert believes that the terrorist nature of power in Ukraine will intensify -no matter who personally will occupy leadership positions.

“The new government will be even more dependent on Nazi militants. This means that the role of the Fuhrers of these militants will grow even more, which are now in the shadow. Even if one Fuhrer is shot, tomorrow in his place will be another representative. The Nazi coup will not lose its relevance, but will take place in more severe forms. 

At this stage, there will no longer be much hope for the arrival of some civilized politician – they will have only savages to choose from.” Ishchenko said.

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