Help me Putin! – ‘Betrayed’ mercenary and former US Marine held captive by Kurdish forces


October 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– Joaquin Flores –

Former US Marine, and current war criminal Kevin Howard, aka Kevin Harlly has been taken captive by his own SDF ‘comrades’. Howard, or as he is known on the ground and in social media as ‘Kane Harlly’, has been working illegally as a mercenary for the US backed Kurdish YPG separatists and the MFS (Syriac Military Council) and their subsequent rebrand as the so-called SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). As a result of certain factors, he has been taken captive by his own SDF ‘comrades in arms’.

‘Harlly’ has attempted to make a name for himself as a personality in the world of social networking, such as Facebook, fascinated with his own tattoos, dubbing himself the ‘illustrated man’, Harlly wanted to be seen as a ‘soldier of fortune’ fighting against ISIS terrorists and defending Kurdish and Syriac villages, in the image of the lone-wolf ‘bad-ass’ replete with all the bravado borrowed from the US’s own military fiction film lore.

But the business of war and the criminal interventions of the US and Harlly, tells a different story. Now referring to his MFS commanders as his ‘bosses’, once things stopped going the US’s and Harlly’s way, the mercenary nature of his work is revealed, and no longer does he offer the pretense of a principled fighter, but is instead suddenly ensnared in an unfortunate dispute with his ’employers’. 

Everything was fine so long as he was involved in a semi-virtual conflict, where the ultimate decision makers on both the ISIS/FSA and SDF/MFS/YPG sides were actually connected to the same NATO managed command structure. The US/NATO allied command structure would order an ISIS ‘retreat’ once the legitimate, legal, constitutional forces of the Syrian Arab Army were frustrated, and the sock-puppet forces of the SDF, et al, could be called in to legitimize the occupation and partition of Syria along ethnic grounds, stoking inter-ethnic rivalries in a bid to create a failed state. 

At the same time, the looming defeat created real-world divisions among the US backed coalition, bringing Saudi backed and Turkish backed forces into actual conflict. It can be difficult at times to discern which skirmishes reflect these actual divisions, symptomatic of actual logistical and political defeats, from the earlier ‘stage managed’ moves which meant to create the public illusion of various forces fighting independently against the SAA. But as reality itself gets called into question within the context of netcentric and fourth generation warfare, even field commanders are unlikely to know which side they are actually on within the greater context of geostrategy and ever-shifting ad hoc alliances. 

Several factors changed along the way for Harlly. In July of this year, Trump, in his ongoing tug-o-war with the US’s deep state (parts of the MIC, NSA, CIA, etc.) announced an end to the CIA program of financing of the SDF, which is how Harlly’s payroll was previously made possible. At the same time, Russian social media and on-the-ground work has made some headway in trying to flip or redirect the Kurdish efforts – we see this evidenced whenever semi-official Russian media and analysts entertain the question of even greater Kurdish autonomy within a Ba’ath party led Syria. The US meanwhile had also previously worked to flip or redirect the Syriac (ethnic Assyrians) who by and large support the present Syrian government and the Russian effort, as evidenced by the creation of the MFS (Syriac Military Council). 

This left Harlly in a precarious situation. 

No longer would he be involved in semi-staged fights, now the SDF needs to directly take on the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Army in order to preserve its gains – from the above screen-shot: 

“Guy with guns came into my room, handed me a broken sniper rifle and told me I can either go to der ezzor and fight the Syrian regime and Russian army or go to prison, I said what about going home?’ Nothing. Now I’m in prison”

Why doesn’t he want to directly confront the SAA and Russian Army? The Americans are in a process of conceding its defeat in Syria, a process which began as soon as the Russians were invited by the constitutional government of Syria, headed by Assad. Legitimate Syriac and Kurdish efforts against ISIS can only likely be carried forward with the help of  the SAA and Russian Army itself. 

So the formerly US sponsored leadership of the SDF (et al) have been left to hang: they are in between a rock and a hard place, and are forced to carry on the fight in a logistically impossible direction. Harlly wants to make his income and ‘look cool’ doing it, but obviously doesn’t have a real dog in this race – this is not a conflict any American mercenary actually wants to die in, and understandably so. And this is an historic dilemma that arises throughout the history and written discourses on the use of mercenaries, universally. 

Russian and American ‘volunteers’ in the Syrian conflict often have met, know each other, have shared flights in and out of Syria from Turkey, and we would assume have maintained some level of personal and professional contact, even if ‘under the radar’.  

The Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê (PKK), whose colors and patches Harlly was nominally fighting under, with its military wing Hêzên Parastina Gel (HPG), had been operating from 1978 through 1999 from Syria, and afterwards from the Qandil-Mountains in northern Iraq, in the PUK-part of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq. 

The Barzanis (Kurdistan Democratic Party) and the PKK profoundly hate each other. The Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG) is the military arm of the Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat (PYD), the Syrian affiliate of the PKK. Most of the YPG commanders and fighters are Qandil-Kurds, i.e. PKK. 

What Howard, aka ‘Harlly’ is doing is sending a message to Russia and the SAA – ”I don’t want to fight you, help me get out of this mess!” As his American paymasters have left him high and dry – will the Russians help bail him out?

note the YPG patch on his left arm, and ‘Ocalan’ PKK patch on his right arm. 

‘stand alone’ – until the US’s CIA stops paying your salary

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