Houthi-led Yemeni Resistance fires a ballistic missile, kills scores of the Saudi coalition troops on both sides of the border


October 30th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

The Houthi-led Yemeni Resistance has announced the launch of a Qaher 2m ballistic missile, targeting the military camp Djerba in Dhahran Aljanoub governorate, located in Asir region of Saudi Arabia.

According to the press statement, the ballistic missile launched at Monday dawn hit the target successfully.

Around the same time, reports came that the Saudi-led coalition targeted the highway in Al Mutama Directorate in Yemeni Al Jouf province, causing a number of victims. 

Meanwhile, military sources reported about dozens of killed and wounded after forces of the Houthi-led Yemeni resistance attacked five positions of the Saudi-led coalition and Hadi junta loyalists in the Directorate of Masloub in Al Jawf province. 

The source pointed out that the Yemeni Resistance launched series of artillery and machine gun attacks on the sites of junta loyalists in Wazir, Al Bayda, Wadi Melhan, Al Ijya and Ghurfat, located in the Al Masloub District  of the northwestern province of Al Jawf.

In the province of Taiz, forces of the Yemeni Resistance launched separate offensives, targeting the positions of Hadi junta loyalists in Jabal Al Quoz, Talti Al Quroun, Al Khazan and Jabal Al Nu’man in the area of ​​Kadhah, located between Al-Ma’afer Directorate and the southwest of the province.

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According to the field reports, both offensives resulted in large number of deaths and injuries among the junta loyalists.

Regarding Nihm front, the Yemeni Resistance’s Ministry of Defense announced the killing and wounding of dozens of the junta troops. 

Supported by the intense Saudi Air Force bombardment, the junta militants were reportedly trying to storm the strategic Yam area from ​​three axes. 

At the northern side of the Yemeni-Saudi border, the Resistance Forces renewed their artillery bombardment of positions where the Sudanese soldiers and Hadi junta loyalists are stationed. 

In response, Saudi Air Force launched 20 raids on the cities of Harad and Medi in the Hajjah province in western Yemen. 

In the southern Saudi province of Jizan, the Yemeni Resistance Forces targeted gatherings and fortifications of Saudi soldiers in Al Bahtit, Al Gawiyah, Qarn, Al Zuk and the White Station in the Khouba area.

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