Iran closes its border to the Iraqi province of Kurdistan


October 15th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – –  by Samer Hussein –


The Iranian authorities confirmed to have closed down the border with the autonomous Iraqi province of Kurdistan.

According to an official announcement, Haji Omaran, Bashmakh and Parwezkhan border crossings will remain closed until further notice.

The move, which comes in the wake of last month’s Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum, was expected, as Tehran previously announced it will close the border to the Kurdistan province, should its ruling regime go on with the referendum and declare an independence of the province from Iraq.

On September 25th, the Kurdistan independence referendum was staged and supported by at least 93% of the voters, despite the strong international opposition. 

With exception of Israel who supported the referendum, the entire international community was against it, saying it would further destabilize the already troubled region.

Iran also fears that declaration of Kurdish independence from Iraq might encourage the outlawed domestic Kurdish separatist groups to do more provocative acts.

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