Iraqi Forces discover mass graves in Hawija


October 7th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

The Iraqi Forces have discovered several mass graves in the recently liberated district of Hawija in Kirkuk province.

So far, at least 10 such graves were found. They are said to contain the remains of soldiers and civilians who were slaughtered by ISIS terrorists.

A Popular Mobilization Units spokesman said his units discovered at least 5 mass graves in the villages of Abu Sakhra and Al Therban, located southwest of Hawija.

He noted that some of the remains belonged to women and children, adding that the Popular Mobilization Units coordinate with the units of the Federal Police and the Iraqi Army to identify the victims.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Forces continue to pursue the remains of ISIS terrorists, as well as to comb the residential areas and dismantle the explosives. 

Yesterday, the PMU brigades, the Iraqi Army and the Federal Police units cleared the entire Hawija district and met with the Kurdish Peshmerga units. 

During the process, they liberated the villages of Tal Al Ward, Kubaiba, Al Humduniya, Al Azizi, Al Rabyda Al Isriya, Oum Zyry Al Huriya, Al Mahmudimiya, Isthana Al Sufla, Albu Naji, Sibe Talawu, Al Dikma, Al Maftul, Al Khatuna Sufla, Shayikh Issa, Al Khabbazat, Al Fakhar, and Etiatan Muhamad Khali.

They are also tracking down ISIS terrorists at the axis of Makhoul and Hamrin heights.

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