Iraqi Forces finalizing their liberation of Hawija


October 3rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

12 days after their large-scale military operation was launched, the Iraqi Forces are very close to liberating the entire Hawija district in Kirkuk province.

Earlier on Tuesday, they liberated the entire strategic opening area that is linking the provinces of Kirkuk, Salah Ed Din and Nineveh.

The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) confirmed that two of its brigades already met at the axis east of Hawija after completing liberation process of all villages located south of the village of Al Bashir in direction of Taza in Kirkuk province, adding that the joint operations of the Iraqi Army and PMU resulted in liberation of large areas, mountains of Makhoul and Hamrin including, south of Hawija.

The PMU’s Brigade 27 also liberated the village of Hamira which is adjacent to the area of ​​Taza east of Hawija, after inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in terms of personnel and equipment.

Later, forces of the Fifth Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Units liberated the village of Tal Al Eid southeast of Hawija, and began heading towards the village of Albu Sabah.

In the west of Hawija, the forces of the second brigade of the PMU blew up two booby-trapped cars near Al Fatha area west of Hawija. They later took control of the whole area which is adjacent to Hamrin mountain range.


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