“ISIS is no longer a military force, but rather a collective of sleeper cells” – intl coalition

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October 7th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Breakingnews.sy – – translated by Samer Hussein –

The Washington-led so-called international “anti-ISIS” coalition said the decisive battle against ISIS in Iraq will take place at the Syrian border.

Major General Rupert Jones, Deputy Commander of the International Coalition Forces, told Agence France-Presse today that the final and decisive battle against the terrorist group will take place on the Iraqi-Syrian border, right at the middle of the flow of the Euphrates River.

He noted that all major anti-ISIS campaigns from now on will be focused on that area, as about 2,000 terrorists are still lurking there.

“Fighters who were not killed and managed to flee are trying to hide among the civilian population”, Jones warned. 

In turn, Brigadier General Andrew A. Croft, deputy commanding general of the joint air force fn the coalition, said the Iraqi Forces managed to almost totally defeat ISIS due to being fully alert and constantly making rapid responses to the moves of the terrorist group.

Croft stressed that the coalition had to adapt to the pace of this progress, pointing out that the terrorist organization is no longer active as a military force, but rather exists in the form of various slepeer cells loyal to the organization, noting that Police forces of Iraq and Syria could face a lot of challenges in the coming years due to many of them not yet being discovered.

“Despite being defeated, they are still launching surprise attacks in the areas that were liberated months ago”, Croft said.

He noted that more than a thousand ISIS terrorists were captured, a significant number of them falling into the hands of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

“There is a high level of cooperation between the Iraqi Forces advancing in Hawija area and the Kurdish Peshmerga units controlling the city of Kirkuk. Political tensions are high, but security cooperation nevertheless remains very close”, he added.

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