Kurdish Peshmerga flees Kirkuk after facing several casualties in clashes with Iraqi Forces

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October 16th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – –  by Samer Hussein –

Peshmerga, the military force of Iraqi Kurdistan’s ruling Barzani regime, has withdrawn from two regions in Kirkuk province.

In an interview with Alghad Press on Monday, one of Peshmerga sources said his units withdrew from Maktab Khaled and Tal Al Ward regions, located south of Kirkuk. 

The withdrawal reportedly came after an agreement with Iraqi Army and that Federal Police Forces who now control both regions.

Earlier today, however, fierce clashes broke out between Peshmerga and the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU), Iraq’s largest paramilitary unit in certain regions of Kirkuk, leaving several casualties on Peshmerga side. 

According to Peshmerga, at least 30 of its fighters were taken to the hospitals.

Meanwhile, the Russian news agency Sputnik quoted one of the security sources as saying that Peshmerga began evacuating its troops from the town of Daquq, located 40 kilometers south of Kirkuk in direction of Baghdad.

The town has since been retaken by the Iraqi Army and the PMU.

Earlier today, the Iraqi state-run TV reported that the Iraqi troops managed to establish control over several regions in Kirkuk.

“The Army’s Counter-terrorism Service, the ninth armored division and the Federal Police are in control pf wide areas in Kirkuk,” anonymous security source told AlSumaria News on Monday, adding that clashes later occurred between the Iraqi troops and Peshmerga in the industrial region, located south of the province.

On Monday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abad ordered his troops to protect all citizens in Kirkuk province.

In his statement, he noted that it was his constitutional duty to grant safety to all Iraqi citizens and protect the state property and the national wealth.

The Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) then accused the Iraqi troops of rushing to secure the oil fields in the province.

The Iraqi troops reportedly urged Peshmerga combatants through loudspeakers to hand over the locations they control in the province and surrender.


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