MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Syrian Forces kick ISIS terrorists out of their main stronghold in Syria


October 6th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –

The Syrian Forces have managed to liberate the town of Mayadeen in the eastern countryside of Deir Ez Zour province, also known as the main stronghold of terrorist group ISIS in Syria.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian Army has already liberated western part of the city along with some agricultural surfaces.

The latest victory is a major turning point in fight against ISIS in Syria and means a severe blow to the terrorist group. 

In  April, ISIS moved its Syrian capital from Raqqah to Mayadeen.

The town is of the great geostrategic importance, mainly due to the fact that it is located west of the Al Oumar Oil Fields that provide most of Syria’s oil.

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