Mass graves and more than 50 bodies, women and children including, found in Syria’s Qaryatayn


October 26th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –


Life is slowly returning to the town of Qaryatayn which was previously occupied by ISIS terrorists.

Many residents have already returned to town, following last week’s liberation by the Syrian Forces.

Today, however, the bodies of at least 50 people were found to be buried in several mass graves. 

Majority of them are said to be civilians, among them many women, children, nurses and doctors. 

All of them were reportedly killed by ISIS terrorists who stormed the town with the help of their local sleeper cells about a month ago (before eventually being kicked out by the Syrian Army who restored control of the town last week).

The residents in Qaryatayn said ISIS terrorists recruited at least 65 adolescents under the age of 15 into their ranks.

A great number of adolescents were also taken as hostages, while others were executed after they were participating in rallies supporting  the Syrian Army and its allies.

The people also said ISIS terrorists would steal their cars and food supplies, set fire to state institutions and public buildings.

They also killed several employees who were working at the power plant, a village doctor and several officers along with their children.

The residents are generally trying to stay away from cameras in town, fearing revenge of ISIS terrorists. 

According to some, the terrorist group is sharing photos of those who give public statements about the atrocities on its social media sites and calls for their execution.

Nevertheless, life is slowly returning to town.

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