Mosiychuk Assassination Attempt: Poroshenko’s Terror vs. the Nazi Maidan


October 27, 2017 – Fort Russ – 

By Eduard Popov – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Mosiychuk (left) and Biletsky (right)

On October 25th, the Ukrainian Radical Party’s Verkhovna Rada deputy Igor Mosiychuk was wounded in an explosion in Kiev. Two other people were killed in the incident, including a security officer, and another three were wounded. 

The leader of Ukraine’s Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, believes that this assassination attempt was connected to the professional activities and political position of his party comrade. In other words, Lyashko hinted that the government could be involved in the attack on this parliamentarian who is known for his hostility towards President Poroshenko and his close ties to the Nazis that are currently protesting in front of parliament. 

Mosiychuk, let us remind the reader, was deputy commander of the Azov Battalion and one of the leaders of both the Patriot of Ukraine organization and the Social National Assembly, all of which are openly Nazi organizations. 

The adviser to Interior Minister Avakov, Anton Gerashchenko, has commented on the incident in the usual Ukrainian bureaucratic manner, saying that the attempt on Mosiychuk’s life was the work of Russian special forces. In an interview with Radio Sputnik yesterday, I pointed out the complete absurdity of such accusations. Russia is not interested in assassinating Mosiychuk or any other of these Nazis. In my opinion, in Russia’s interests is organizing a future open trial for Ukrainian Nazis, and any individual terrorist attacks prevent the organizing of such a Nuremberg 2.0 for the former Ukraine.

On the other hand, it is the Ukrainian government that is interested in Mosiychuk being killed and other key Ukrainian Nazi organizations being pacified. Since 2014, I have consistently predicted another Maidan to be held under openly Nazi slogans and leading to the overthrow of the Jewish oligarchs led by Petro Poroshenko who seized power in Ukraine. Ukrainian Nazis are the most consistent and terrifying enemies of the Poroshenko regime, which they call an “internal occupation regime.” 

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We are now seeing a rehearsal for such a Nazi Maidan. Apparently, Poroshenko is taking a serious turn, and now terrorist methods are being used against the regime’s mortal enemies. 

Just a few days ago, the SBU warned of an assassination attempt on Poroshenko in Avdeevka. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutsenko (the godfather of President Poroshenko), has also proclaimed that Saakshvili’s supporters are organizing an armed coup against the government.

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I believe that such claims are not true. Saakashvili has few coercive resources (not counting the Georgian militants in pro-Nazi volunteer battalions) at his disposal. On the other hand, the Ukrainian Nazis boast more than enough of such resources, and are at the current moment conditional allies of Saakashvili. Saakashvili himself, in turn, has ridiculed these accusations and responded with the allegation that three of his supporters have disappeared. 

I see the assassination attempt on Mosiychuk as the initial phase of an escalation of the conflict between the Nazis and Jewish oligarchs headed by President Poroshenko, an escalation which is transitioning from a political to a “hot”, or armed phase. Ironically enough, it is the Jewish oligarch Kolomoysky who is financing the operations of such Nazi revolutionaries. Indeed, all of the “Ukrainian revolutions,” as is well known, have been done with Jewish money and through the hands of Ukrainian Nazis. By all accounts, Mosiychuk himself is one of the key figures behind preparing a Nazi coup d’etat. 

But, of course, the Poroshenko regime cannot admit this fact, so it has voiced more absurd accusations against Russia. The Nazi scene in Ukraine does not believe in this conspiracy and instead is openly accusing the Poroshenko regime of organizing massacres of their comrades-in-arms.

Thus, under the cover of Saakashvili’s somewhat rhetorical Maidan and his comfortable position is brewing another, far from only rhetorical Nazi Maidan. Following the coup d’etat in Kiev on February 21st, 2014, I repeatedly said and wrote that the next leader of Ukraine would be the Azov “Fuhrer” Biletsky, to whose aid would come his “brethren” from the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone’s volunteer groups. The situation is now unfolding in Biletsky’s favor. Several hundred determined people with military experience are quite capable of overthrowing the government. 

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But holding on to power after a coup and justifying its legitimacy is a much more difficult affair. To do so, Biletsky needs to seek broader social support and rely on the protesting electorate that is keenly dissatisfied with skyrocketing prices and declining living standards across Ukraine. Hence why Biletsky and and his National Corps Party are patronizing trade unions and other protest organizations. 

The assassination attempt on Mosiychuk is thus one instance in the larger, unfolding story of the impending Nazi Maidan. 

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