Nazi OUN members barricade themselves in Kiev courtroom


October 24, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Supporters of the Nazi Nikolay Kokhanivsky take over the courtroom in Kiev

A group of supporters of the OUN leader Nikolai Kokhanivsky barricaded themselves in the Kiev Svyatoshinsky District Court, where the issue of detaining him as a preventive measure was under consideration. (OUN is banned in Russia)

The session on the preventive measure for the leader of the OUN was postponed to the morning of October 24. After the announcement of the adjournment, his supporters blocked the courtroom to prevent law enforcement officers taking the suspect away.

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According to Kohanivsky himself, the activists decided to stay till morning for the continuation of the session. Around 1:00 law enforcement officers began storming the courtroom, acting with force and spraying tear gas.

Recall, on October 21 police detained Kohanivsky in Kiev because he opened fire in the middle of the street, injuring a man.

We add that also yesterday the Nazis, who are in the building of the Svyatoshinsky court, built barricades, trying to prevent the removal of Kokhanivsky. A brawl began, a tear gas was sprayed in the hall.

We note also that on September 13, Kokhanivsky said that if Tatars, Jews, or Georgians do not respect Ukrainians, and rob, exploit, hate the country, then such representatives of the national minority are enemies of Ukraine and “must die.”

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