New Al-Qaeda linked group established in Syria, declares multiple parties as enemies


October 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

A new jihadist group operating in Syria has been established and released a statement announcing itself.

The group named “Ansar al-Furqan fi Bilad al-Sham” are based in jihadist-held Idlib province in Syria’s northwest.

In a released statement as seen above, it has declared war on Turkey and the Free Syrian Army, and is believed to be consisted of the core of Al-Qaeda in the region.

The group has received the blessing of Al-Qaeda’s leader, the Egyptian Ayman -al-Zawahiri. 

The leadership is believed to be headed by Abu Julaybib.

In addition to announcing war on Turkey and the Free Syrian Army, it has also said that the United States and Russia are enemies, as well as democratic projects as the group wants to establish a Caliphate.

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