New de-escalation zone set up in Syria, thanks to the Russian and Egyptian efforts


October 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Three jihadist groups have reportedly submitted to an Egypt-brokered cease-fire agreement for the areas located south of the Syrian capital city of Damascus.

The agreement, whose guarantor is Russia, was signed to allow the return of thousands of displaced people who formerly used to live in the areas now occupied by the jihadists.

Mohammed Alloush, the head of the notorious terrorist group Jaysh Al Islam, praised Egypt for its “outstanding efforts” of preserving the Syrian unity and supporting the political solution in the country, adding that it was agreed to hold another meeting sponsored by Egypt in the nearby future.

He explained that the invitation, which he received from the Egyptian leadership, came as a result of an agreement with the Russian side to stop the escalations in the Damascene suburban area of Eastern Ghouta and in the neighbourhood of Qadam, located south of Damascus, stressing that an agreement was reached as part of the process of establishning more de-escalation zones throughout Syria.

In the coming days, representatives of his group will visit Cairo to complete the terms of the agreement. 

Apart from Jaysh Al Islam, Jaysh Al Ababil and Aknaf Beit Al Maqdis also submitted to the ceasefire agreement.

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