No longer interested in joining EU, Erdogan regime begins to legalize child marriages

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October 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Zuerst! – – translated by Samer Hussein –

When Turkey was still attempting to join the EU, it often tried to adjust its legislation in accordance with expectations and wishes of Brussels. This is, however, no longer the case.

Now it is even expected that the controversial  bill permitting child marriages will soon be legalized.

According to the current Turkish laws, marriages must first be approved by the competent civil authorities. Only then a religious blessing may be sought. But this is about to change. 

Soon, muftis, the high-ranking Islamic scholars who submit to the religious authority of Diyanet, are to be given the right to carry out legally-binding weddings, at least according to the draft of the new law.

Already in 2015, the Turkish Constitutional Court ruled that marriages concluded by imams are legal.

It is noteworthy that lots of Muslim clerics have no issues with marriages involving young girls, nor do they have issues with polygamy because of their religious beliefs. 

Critics fear that the new law will hand the authority over to a group of people whose values ​​and morals are in no way on-par with those of the secular state.

“Once the new law comes into force, child marriages will become legal and legally binding. This means that through these lawful religious marriages carried out without any state control, little girls could become subjects of trade and abuse”, Turkish lawyer Müjde Tozbey Erdem was quoted as saying.

But that is not all. The new law might severely damage the system of birth records as states that births can be registered without an official birth certificate. The oral statement of the parents is said to be sufficient.

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