North Korea: We will not compromise on nuclear weapons, Washington must accept us as a nuclear state


October 20, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

The Chief of the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s North American Department Choe Son Hui said while addressing the Moscow Conference on Non-Proliferation that his country has no intentions of holding talks on nuclear weapons, so the US must accept the states nuclear status. 

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“Our leader Kim Jong Un has explained our stance: we will coerce the Americans to peace and respond to fire with fire. We have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but we will not use them if there is no threat,” Choe said.

“By now we have practically come close to a final balance with the United States. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a balance with the United States to ensure it does not dare to speak about any military actions against the DPRK,” she stated.

“Our weapons are meant for protecting our motherland from the permanent US nuclear threat”, the diplomat assured. 

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