PMU repels an ISIS attack, denies rumours to have clashed with Peshmerga


October 24th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –


The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), Iraq’s largest paramilitary group, repelled an ISIS attack on its positions located west of Mosul earlier today. 

According to the PMU media, the clashes are still going on.

Meanwhile, sources of the Iraqi Army/PMU joint coalition have denied the rumours on clashes between Iraqi Forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga west of Mosul. 

The Joint Operations Command confirmed that there were no clashes or violent confrontations in the area of ​​Rabia, located 115 km west of Mosul. 

Earlier today, Peshmerga forces claimed to have repelled a large-scale PMU attack in the village of Mahmudiya in Rabia, located west of Mosul.

“The PMU forces were moving from the center of Rabia to Mahmudiya, and continued to advance despite repeated warnings by the Peshmerga forces, which led to clashes”, Mansur Barzani, the eldest son of the Iraqi Kurdistan province ruler Masoud Barzani and commander of the provincial security council, was quoted as saying.

The Kurdish sources said that clashes with the PMU resulted in destruction of two Hummer vehicles, in addition to an armored vehicle, pointing out that there were no casualties among the Peshmerga forces. 

The PMU leadership later denied the claims, saying they were fake rumours.

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