Polish defense minister wants more US divisions in Poland


October 3, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Pravda.ru, translated by Tom Winter –

At least two American divisions are needed on the territory of Poland for defense and confrontation with external threats, the Minister of Defense Antoni Macierewicz said in an interview with the publication Wpolytice.

According to him, the military strength in one division of the US can amount to 15 thousand people. “From the point of view of Poland’s defense needs, there must be an order of magnitude greater, that is, more than two divisions,” the minister said, responding to a journalist’s question about how many US military personnel are needed to defend Poland.

However, he clarified at the same time that this is his personal opinion, and this does not mean that this is being discussed in the defense department.

Earlier, the Polish parliament decided to increase the country’s defense spending from 2.01% to 2.5% of GDP. Macierewicz explained these measures are a response to “threats from the East”.

According to Macierewicz, Russia “uses force to achieve its political goals.”

We recall that on September 20, Poland’s Minister of DefenseAntoni Macierewicz  reported that Russia planned to use nuclear weapons during the West 2017 exercises on the Polish TV channel TVP Info.

“The exercises will continue, but now with the use of nuclear weapons and the development of their use, and this was not included in the exercise program,” he said, adding that the officially disseminated information on maneuvers was “misleading”.

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