Poll: 79% Ukrainians do not support Poroshenko


October 25 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Politnavigator– translated by Inessa Sinchougova

The current Ukrainian government is rapidly losing its supporters and the number of dissatisfied citizens is growing.

This was stated at a press conference in Kiev, said the head of sociological programs of the Center for Sociological Studies “Sofia” Alexander Levtsun.

The increase in prices by 20%, the growth of utility tariffs and unpopular laws passed by the authorities are the reason for the growth of dissatisfied citizens. The overwhelming majority, namely 79% of respondents to some extent do not approve the work of Peter Poroshenko as president of Ukraine. 

Simultaneously, the number of respondents who fully approve or rather approve of the president’s activities has decreased – from 21.5% to 13.2%. From September to October, we see a significant reduction in positive assessments of the president’s activities, said the sociologist.

He also noted that the evaluation of the work and the Prime Minister has worsened.

“77% of respondents categorically disapprove or disapprove of the work of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. In September, the analogous parameter was 74.2%. The share of positive assessments of the head of government also declined from 20.8% in September to 14.8% this month,” Levtsun added.

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