President thanks high ranking officers for success in Syria


October 26 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

During the operation in Syria, terrorists managed to liberate more than 90% of the country’s territory. President Vladimir Putin stated the fact at the ceremony of Russian officers being appointed to higher positions. The President congratulated the audience and thanked them for the impeccable fulfillment of the debt, both in Russia and abroad, and then outlined the tasks that are now confronting those responsible for the country’s security.

The President presenting higher officers with new appointments is a tradition. The traditional ritual takes place in the St. George Hall, a hall that is not accidentally called the temple of Russian military glory, where the walls are carved with the names of all the famous regiments and the names of all the Georgievsky cavaliers.

Under the white and gold arches decorated with stars and medal bands with the inscription “For service and courage”, stood 40 new top commanders of the Russian army, fleet, police, special services. 

They now command and give orders and Vladimir Putin receives a report from each one. And it is from this coordinated work, according to the president, that a reliable defense of Russia and its national interests depends on. Putin thanked the participants of the anti-terrorist operation in Syria, where the situation was reversed radically.

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“More than 90% of the Syrian territory is free from terrorists,” the head of state said, “in close cooperation with the Syrian authorities and foreign partners, de-escalation zones are being created, the process of political settlement and civil reconciliation is moving forward. They are poorly organized gangs, but well-equipped, trained, generously funded and motivated groups. We demonstrated the qualitatively increased capabilities of the Russian army and navy, it is necessary to further strengthen this potential, introduce new advanced weapons systems, and improve the effectiveness of combat training.

To do this, we regularly conduct exercises. This year – almost 2.5 thousand maneuvers. And the most ambitious – “West-2017” – took place at once on several ranges of Russia, Belarus, the Baltic Sea. “

“The re-equipping of the army with modern models of armaments of military equipment, especially such as the Iskander complexes, and the use of unmanned aerial aircraft significantly increased the combat capabilities of the unit,” said Gennady Zhidko, commander of the 2nd Guards Red Army Combined Arms Army. The officers and soldiers subordinated to me are proud of the service in the Russian army – only with such personnel can we go into battle.”

It is also effective, Putin reminds us, to fight terrorism inside the country, where 43 terrorist acts have been prevented since the beginning of the year, 66 terrorist cells have been eliminated. The emphasis is also on counterintelligence.” It is necessary to extract and analyze existing and incoming information, to forecast the development of events from different regions of the world, especially near our borders, to assess all the factors and risks from the point of view of threats to the security of our country,” Vladimir Putin is convinced.

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