Putin calls for greater Internet security, without freedom barriers for users


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October 25 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

It is necessary to improve the security of the Russian Internet (known colloquially as Runet). This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Russian Security Council . For this he proposed to adopt additional normative acts. At the same time, the head of state stressed that it is not about limiting access to the internet and not about “total barriers and filters” for citizens.

“We must fight against those and those who use the information space to propagate radical ideas, justify terrorism, extremism, resolutely stop attempts to post materials that threaten the security of our state, society and individual citizens,” Putin said at the meeting.

The head of state noted that this year the intelligence services have become much more likely to identify criminals who recruit people into the ranks of terrorist organizations, including in ISIS. In addition, carrying legal responsibility for creating websites that encouraged children and adolescents to commit suicide has been toughened .

The President stressed that cyber attacks are no longer a local, but a “global nature and scale.” According to him, the invasion of electronic systems in the field of defense and state administration, life support infrastructure, finance, leakage of electronic documents “can result in the most severe consequences.” Putin recalled that some countries have already created their cyber-warfare and put information technologies in military service “to weaken competitors, to promote their economic and political interests, to solve geopolitical problems in general.”

On October 24, the virus-encryptor Bad Rabbit attacked the computer systems of several Russian media, in particular , Interfax and Fontanka. In computers, it penetrated through a false update to Flash Player. Then the files on the computer were encrypted, and on the screen there appeared a demand for redemption of 0.05 bitcoins. Bad Rabbit is an improved version of the extortion program Petya / NotPetya , which spread on the Web this summer.

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