Putin: Over 90% of Syria liberated from terrorist forces


October 26, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed on Thursday that more than 90% of Syria’s territory has been liberated from terrorist forces.

“I would like once again to thank our military servicemen who take part in the counterterrorism operation in Syria. It was possible to radically reverse the situation thanks to their courage, precise and professional actions and valor,” Putin said. 

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“More than 90% of Syria’s territory is already free from terrorists,” the president.

“Military operations against terrorists, and, let me emphasize that these are not some poorly organized gangs, these are well-equipped, trained and generously sponsored and motivated groups, have shown that the capabilities of the Russian Aerospace Forces, our army and navy have qualitatively increased,” he noted. 

“We need to push ahead with efforts to boost this potential, introduce new weapon systems and improve the effectiveness of combat training,” Putin added.

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