Railfan captures pictures of US tanks crossing Germany by the trainload: officials are saying nothing


October 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– FreiePresse.de, translated from German by Tom Winter –

Secrecy surrounding trainload of tanks

A randomly shot photo shows a military transport.

Authorities keeping a low profile. 

Deutsche Bahn AG silent.
By Ulrich Riedel

Reichenbach: A train laden with tanks rolled through the Vogtland in the direction of Dresden or Leipzig on Thursday between 9 and 10 o’clock.

Though news of conspicuous train movements usually get around among the railfans and hobby photographers along the route, it was different this time.

The homeland researcher and author Gero Fehlhauer was out for a stroll and accidentally witnessed the train’s entrance to Reichenbach and photographed it with his cellphone.
Fehlhauer wondered that he wasn’t running into the usual railfans. “Perhaps the tank train was unpublished this time,” he says.

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This is confirmed by the railway photographer Volker Jacobi from Fraureuth. He had heard nothing about it. It is notable that such trains often run “off schedule.”

The tanks, according to their colors, should not be German tanks, also the Bundeswehr Cross is missing. They look more like US Army. Maybe
on their way to the Baltics? Gero Fehlhauer gets this idea in view of the heated situation in Eastern Europe.

There are reports nationwide of transports of tanks and US war equipment in containers heading into the Baltic States. Many train engineers or other employees of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) and its subsidiary DBSchenker have brought word of the weapons transport into public notice.

So what has moved through the Vogtland? Deutsche Bahn AG does not provide any information. Holger Auferkamp, DB spokesman
for Saxony, SaxonAnhalt, Thuringia, refers to “customer data,” which the federal enterprise does not divulge. Two Freie Presse inquiries at the Bundeswehr remained unanswered yesterday evening. The Press Office of the US Army
Garrison Bavaria in Grafenwöhr remained unattainable yesterday. From Saxony’s Ministry of the Interior, it is supposed to be the responsibility of the Federal Police.

A spokesman of the Federal Police Inspectorate Klingenthal confirmed yesterday the train movement of the NATO forces. But thaty further details only Deutsche Bahn could provide.

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