Rotation of governors: Putin gives opportunities to the young and experienced


October 2 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

In the month of September alone, 15 regional heads changed in Russia. Of these, 11 were elected in local elections, and four are appointed by the President as acting officers:

– Gleb Nikitin – Nizhny Novgorod region;

– Dmitry Azarov – Samara Region;

– Alexander Uss – Krasnoyarsk Territory;

– Alexander Tsybulsky – Nenets Autonomous District.

In two regions – in the Omsk region and Dagestan – senior posts after early resignations remain vacant, but to be filled shortly.

If we talk about the trends of the process, then some become quite evident. The first is that there is a demand for new people in society. The champion of this was Vladimir Volkov in Mordovia. His official result was a 89% vote in favour.

But there is another trend –  Putin’s ‘first time’ nominees get more votes than others who go to the polls repeatedly, but have not been endorsed.

Another important point is their age – most are under 40.

They all have a brilliant education, as well as additional training either at the Russian Academy of National Economy, or at the State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance, or at the Academy of Public Administration. Individuals hold MBAs from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, the Stockholm School of Economics, and others. All speak foreign languages, have convincing experience of working in the civil service, and most are also in business.

That is, the selection criteria for the young is transparent and understandable. Obviously, this is the President’s policy, and at governor’s level, things can change for the better not only in the style of power, but also in the variety of results for the country.

Eligibility criteria is developed in the Kremlin – nothing personal, completely measured values.

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