Sobchak: “Stalin threw Russia back a hundred years”


October 29 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

MOSCOW, Russia. Russia’s 2018 Presidential hopeful, Ksenia Sobchak, called Josef Stalin an “executioner and a criminal” and accused him of “a full-scale genocide of the Russian people.” She wrote of this on her Instagram account.

“Stalin did not just destroy people. He destroyed the very best, most intelligent, bravest people. This is essentially a full-scale genocide of the Russian people. Stalin destroyed the Russian world, which we never managed to restore,” Sobchak wrote. 

“Look, remember, as soon as we tried to condemn it, the country moved forward. As soon as the talk of ambiguity began, everything slipped into stagnation and counter-reforms,” she wrote.

To discuss the ambiguity of Stalin and his era, Sobchak called “not even stupidity, but infamy.”

“Because of Stalin, the peoples of the Soviet Union have experienced such a trial, which no other peoples experienced more in the 20th century. Literally none – 2, 249, 728 people, only according to official data, which even the lone historian Medinsky agrees, were all destroyed in Stalin’s camps,” Sobchak said.

According to her, Stalin is the enemy of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian and Georgian peoples.

“Stalin built a system where all power belongs not to the people, not even to some elite, but simply to the special services. We still have to break this system,” concluded Sobchak.

Josef Stalin is a controversial figure in Russian culture and intellectual circles. On the one hand, the leader is revered for having steered the Soviet Union to victory from the Nazi occupation in 1945. He is similarly noted for his role in the centralised economy and cultural development – only 16 years post almost near destruction, the Soviet Union put a man in space.

On the other hand, Stalin is attributed authority over the NKVD secret police and ‘Gulag’ concentration camps. Real-life accounts of the ordeals are few and far between, and liberal media has been accused of grossly inflating the death count. It is not generally denied that a death count exists – but many historians can only account for a fraction of that which is claimed. 

Theories exist that Stalin killed off the 5th column, or ‘enemies of the state’, and “must be judged within the parameters of his era” (-V.V.Putin) – alternatively, could he have been the murderous thug on a rampage, we are lead to believe? Neither option is justifiable in the context of modern laws, yet where the media longs to make one hate a historical figure, one needs to ponder whom that benefits. 

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