Spain’s Rajoy regime police brutalize voters, elderly, seize ballots in anti-referendum crackdown


October 1st, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Joaquin Flores – 

Spanish police and state security have seized ballot boxes and ballots of the referendum vote on the independence of Catalonia, according to the Minister of the Interior of Spain, Juan Ignacio Zoido.

“The national police seized ballot boxes, carrying out legal orders and following the law in connection with an illegal referendum”, wrote the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Twitter. 

In a photo, which was published by Zoido, we see seized ballot boxes and ballots.

“The police and the Civil Guard are acting in compliance with the court order. These are the first seized ballot boxes and ballots for voting”, said the head of the Spanish Interior Ministry. 

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Also, the media reported that the Spanish police began to force the school and other premises intended for voting on the independence of Catalonia. Spanish policemen started using crowd control weapons.

The gruesome scene, whether or not police acted with initial restraint (as they claim), will no doubt lend global sympathy to pro-independence voters in Catalonia. 

These are not the first instances of violence in Spain’s history of thwarting moves for greater autonomy or independence. 

Activists and journalists on the scene were able to capture the following series of photos which will undoubtedly be ingrained in the collective memory far longer than any official reasons or apologies given at the highest levels of government and media. 

Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau Ballano, appealed to state police to exercise restraint: “There are already 460 injured in Catalonia. As mayor of Barcelona I demand that immediately stop the police charges against defenseless people who peacefully defend their rights and freedoms”. Her video statement can be seen here on her facebook wall.

The Guardian (UK), while often accused of reporting fake news, has estimated the number of injured at almost 500 (updated 6:45 pm). They also report that English Labour leader Corbyn has condemned the actions of the Rajoy regime. 

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