Stopped by war for three years, the Donbass Yuzovsky Ironworks are back in production


October 9, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Christelle Neant, in, translated from French by Tom Winter –

“It was in August, the unexpected phone call. I wasn’t expecting they’d be calling me back to work.”
“Greetings dear comrades. You know, I sat down, I looked, and the tears came to my eyes. Truly.”

“And that’s why I believe just like the battle of Ilovaisk and the battles of Debaltsevo and Ulegorsk…”

“On the occasion of the new victory of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk, I congratulate every one of you”

 On October 5, 2017, the management of the Yuzovsky Foundry invited Alexander Zakharchenko, head of the RPD, to participate in the opening ceremony and to come to launch the first steel casting in the factory in three years.

Even before the war, the factory only operated intermittently, and the wages were paid on a piece-work basis. In 2014, because of the war, the factory stopped production completely due to the lack of supply of scrap iron that the plant recycles into steel.

For two years, the factory, which was one of the flagships of the Soviet Union, was totally abandoned, turning into a real post-apocalyptic scene. In June 2016, the decision was made to put the company under guardianship, to make it a state enterprise of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and to restore and revive it.

In just over a year, employees called by management to come and restore the plant managed miracles. At first horrified and rather discouraged by the deplorable condition of the factory, they rolled up their sleeves, ordered the necessary parts, repaired the tools and equipment, repaired the roof and the electric transformers, which suffered bombardments, and generally cleaned up the factory.

After more than a year of work, the entire production line has been put back into working order. A Labor of Hercules. Given the scale of the task accomplished, Alexander Zakharchenko said that it is better to talk about a complete refurbishment than a restoration of the factory, and that this was a great victory for employees of the factory and the republic.

After the official opening ceremony of the factory, the Head of State launched the production of the first casting of steel, of which he received a part as a gift. On the same day, the factory produced 100 tons of steel in the form of ingots.

In addition to the production line, the railway workshop was also rehabilitated. Five locomotives were repaired to transport the steel produced in the factory to its final recipients. The first customers are internal to the republic, because the purpose of the factory is to produce first enough to satisfy the internal market, and then, if there are surpluses, to sell them outside.

According to the plant manager and the head of the DPR, potential customers are already jostling in line, while the plant is expected to produce 5,000 tons of steel in the first month, then 15,000 tons within a month to a month and a half, before rising to 30,000-40,000 tons per month by the end of the year, allowing it to employ about 1,000 people. 

And the factory should not stop at this level, since in the Soviet era it produced more than one million tons of steel per year.

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