Syrian Forces control ISIS’ entry point into northern Syria, expand their presence in the east of Hama province


October 17th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– – – translated by Samer Hussein –


Syrian Army and its allies have fully secured Salamiyeh-Ethriya road in the eastern countryside of Hama province, after expelling the last gatherings of ISIS terrorists from the area.

According to military sources, the Syrian Army and its allies also assumed control over several new areas, villages and hills in the eastern countryside of Hama province.

The Salameh-Ethriya road is considered ISIS’ main entry point into northern Syria and was vital for the terrorist group in terms of logistics. 

Both, ISIS and Al Nusra Front held their positions around the road and were frequently launching attacks on the travelling vehicles.

The military sources confirmed that the Army and its allies took control of the hills of Jabal Al Tannah, Khirbet Altanahuj, Wadi Al Aazib, and Albihwth Aleulmayt, Al Sayeb dam, the villages of Al Sayeb, Al Rawdah, Hirmala, Abd Al Amir, Jeb Eid, Al Jorouh, Oum Ghazal, and the valleys of Al Zarob, Mazloof and Hassu Al Ramil in the eastern Hama countryside, noting that the Salamiyeh-Ethriya road is now completely safe.

Few weeks ago, the Syrian Army fully liberated the entire eastern countryside of the town of Salamiyeh, following a large-scale military operation that ended with securing the eastern countryside of the town that goes all the way further to the Syrian Desert,with securing the Salamiyeh-Ethriya road always being one of the top priorities ever since the campaign in Hama began, especially because both groups were launching frequent attacks.

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