Syrian Forces control T-2 station, advance towards the ISIS hub of Abu Kamal


October 23rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –

Syrian Forces have assumed control of strategic T-2 crude oil pumping station, located in direction of the ISIS hub of Abu Kamal in southeastern Syria.

Generally, the Syrian Army has made significant advancements in direction of Abu Kamal on Monday. 

Earlier, the army units, while backed by the Syrian Air Force, carried out series of intense strikes against ISIS fortifications, hideouts and positions in Huweijet Sakr and the city of Deir Ez Zour, particularly in the neighbourhoods of Al Sinaa, Al Sheikh Yassin, Al Huweiqah, Al Jbeiliyeh, Al Rashidiyeh, Al Ummal, Kannamat, Khassarat ,Al Aridi, Souk Al Hal, and Sinema Fouad Street, inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists in terms personnel and equipment, in addition to many of their positions and fortifications being completely destroyed.

In the southeastern direction of the town of Abu Kamal, Syrian Air Force units carried out several strikes against ISIS positions and fortifications in the towns of Al Ashara and Al Qureyeh, located 60 km southeast of Mayadeen, killing a large number of terrorists, among them the notorious one named Mohammad Jasem Al Arran, in the process.

Meanwhile, local sources from the eastern countryside of Deir EZ Zour province said that one of the self-proclaimed ISIS leaders, nicknamed “Abo Al Tayyeb Al Adalbi”, ran away along with 5 other terrorists.

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