The Irish Crimean: Jordan Peterson’s liberal hysteria is a symptom, not the cure


October 8th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Op-ed by Padraig Joseph McGrath – “The Irish Crimean”

No civilization fails or implodes until its time has come. When a civilization does actually collapse or implode, that happens precisely because it should happen – the civilization collapses or implodes ONLY when its internal contradictions have made it inviable. There is no “tragedy” – every civilization self-destructs precisely when it should.

So all these Jordan Peterson acolytes make me laugh – simply the fact that they’re adopting this “all hands to the pump” siege-mentality is, in itself, pretty clear evidence that western civilization has historically reached its sell-by date.

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They say “Oh, you want to destroy western civilization.”

No, I don’t – I will simply stand back and watch it self-destruct. Whether you’re in favour of it or against it, its self-destruction is unavoidable at this point, and no amount of alt-right or liberal hysteria will change that.

And anyway, what we call “western civilization” didn’t really exist before the industrial revolution. It doesn’t really have much history behind it anyway. Before “western civilization” existed, there was “Europe” (a geo-strategic concept born during the 8th century). At the battle of Poitiers in 732, Charles Martel’s court-scribes used a neologism to refer to his soldiers – “Europenses.”

So, before something called “Western civilization” existed (18th century). there was “Europe” (8th century). Before “Europe,” there was “Christendom.”

What we call “western civilization” was never a continuation of “Christendom” or “Europe” – it was just a nihilistic replacement for European culture.

Once “Europe” civilizationally synthesized with America to become “the west,” people like me just lost interest. Once Europe became culturally and civilizationally coupled with America (“the west”), the guardians of Europe’s heritage began to look eastward again.

Welcome back to Eurasia, kids.

The Russians aren’t “the barbarian hordes.”

The f*cking Americans are “the barbarian hordes.”

I could handle living in “Christendom” or in “Europe,” but f*ck “the west.”

So Jordan Peterson acolytes say “Oh, you monster, you want to destroy western civilization…..”

No, I don’t. It doesn’t matter what I or you want – it’s dying anyway.

After only 200 years, its time has come.

But I will just stand back and take a certain vindictive pleasure in watching its death-spiral.

Padraig McGrath was born in the Republic of Ireland in 1973. He has lived in Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic, and has published journalism and commentary on social and philosophical issues for a number of media for 15 years. He moved to Simferopol, Crimea in December 2013, 3 months before Crimea’s re-unification with Russia, and still lives there.

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