Unofficial prisons organized in Mariupol for suspects of separatism — USB Colonel


October 5, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Alexandra Arsentyeva in, translated by Tom Winter –

Labusov, screen capture from video at site.

The lieutenant-colonel of the SBU, who transferred to the DNR, spoke about the secret prisons in Mariupol
According to the Lieutenant-Colonel of the SBU, informal prisons have been organized in Mariupol where Ukrainian authorities send people who are “dangerous from the point of view of separatism.”

Lieutenant-Colonel of the SBU Roman Labusov, who transferred to the side of the DNR, spoke about informal prisons in Mariupol. He stated this at a briefing in the Ministry of State Security of the DPR.

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“In Mariupol, where I served, in the basement there is a chamber, I have sat in it there. And there is also the main prison – “The Hole,” they call it, at the airport in Mariupol, ” said Labusov.

There, according to him, they transfer people who, in the opinion of the Ukrainian authorities, are “dangerous from the point of view of separatism.”

“At first they were sitting in this prison – in the basement, then they were taken away. They were distributed, that is, these are not official prisons,” Labusov said.

During the briefing, Labusov also said that in Ukraine, no political decision is taken without the intervention of foreign countries.

We recall, Lt. Col. SBU Roman Labusov went over to the side of the DPR with a package of secret documents. These documents concern the activities of the Ukrainian special services in relation to the Donbass and the Russian Federation. Labusov recently was the head of the encryption unit of the SBU in Mariupol. ■

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