US colony Ukraine unleashes ‘GRAD’ missile barrage on DPR town


Ocotober 12th, 2017  – Fort Russ News – 
– Joaquin Flores – 

stock photo, unsourced

We have received reports from the village of Bezymennoye in Donetsk Republic, that the US proxy army under the color of Ukrainian forces, on the territory of Ukraine, have unleashed a barrage of ‘GRAD’ missiles onto said village. Bezymennoye is located a few dozen kilometers east of Mariupol and is within reach from the Ukrainian side of the line of contact. 

These attacks constitute a violation of the Minsk Agreement and also a violation of an August agreement to recommit to stricter observance of the ceasefire agreement, given that the school year for children began at the start of September. 

On the evening of October 11th, GRAD missiles struck: it is reported that they also used anti-tank guided missiles, mortars, infantry fighting vehicles cannons, and grenade launchers as well as small arms fire.

DPR military spokesperson Eduard Basurin has simultaneously reported that the Ukrainian armed forces violated the ceasefire over 20 times in the last 24 hours, affecting thirteen towns and villages which came under fire. 

The most recent case in which the UAF used “GRAD” (MLRS) rockets on the Donetsk People’s Republic was on the 22nd of August, and the same town of Bezymennoye was affected. 

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