VIDEO: Russian bombers obliterate ISIS supply lines to Deir Ezzor


October 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– Joaquin Flores – 

In this one minute video (below at end of article) – we confirm Russian bombers obliterating ISIS supply lines to Deir Ezzor, as Syrian ground forces inch closer to liberating the war torn city Deir Ezzor is of strategic significance, as it is the largest city in eastern Syria. 

NATO forces previously bombed Syrian Army positions at Deir Ezzor, as reported here on Fort Russ, in September 2016, in a dangerous gambit aimed at destroying a fragile ceasefire. It was discovered then at the time that the US had coordinated its attack with ISIS in order to engender its simultaneous advance on Syrian Army positions. 

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Deir Ezzor today holds not only strategic and humanitarian significance, but is symbolic of the US – ISIS alliance. 

Numerous analysts, such as Harvard University’s Garikai Chengu, have assessed that ISIS is largely a creation of the very same US military-intelligence project, the aim of which is at the very least to create failed states and regime change in MENA countries. 

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