2017: The year integration of Donbass and Russia entered a new stage


November 6 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
Rusvesna – by Inessa Sinchougova 

The more actions Ukraine takes against the Donbass, the more we have to distance ourselves from it. The first precedent for this year was the trade blockade of Donbass on behalf of Ukraine. In this regard, the leadership of the Republics were forced to announce the transition of enterprises to external management, entirely disengaged from the Ukraine. 

Naturally, we were waiting for this blockade, because we needed only one reason, which Ukraine did not give us for 3 years. Otherwise, our leadership would be declared separatists. 

The introduction of external management deprived Kyiv’s budget of considerable taxes. Ukraine at the same time, began to throw around disinformation that we were absolutely starved here. The Donbass has significant food and energy security, due to well developed trade agreements with Russia.

But some Ukrainians do admit defeat. For example, recently on the Ukrainian channel “112” economist and politician, Viktor Suslov, said: “Donetsk coal is going to other regions, including Poland. So, the Donbass did not lose on this, it even won that battle.

We must not forget that the enterprises that extracted this coal, and a number of metallurgical and other large enterprises in the territory of the DPR and LPR – they paid significant taxes to the Ukrainian budget. To be more precise, they brought in 33 billion hryvnas a year in taxes. This is official data, which the Ukrainian authorities published and confirmed,” the politician said.

Coal industry

Suslov was correct in saying that the Donbass is selling coal to other regions of the world. According to Russia, coal went not only to Ukraine, but also, to Turkey and other countries of Europe. Zakharchenko himself has recently spoken of plans of cooperation of the DPR with the countries of Europe and Turkey.

Of course, the leadership of the Republic could not organize the trade of coal independently. In view of world non-recognition, it wouldn’t be possible. But Russia can do it. This is one of the main steps in which a new level of integration has been achieved.

It becomes quite obvious that Donetsk coal is needed very much as a commodity in the world. It is so necessary that even the partners of America and the EU member states are ready to risk their reputation. A reminder, that Poland has recently admitted to purchasing Donbass coal. 

In Donetsk, the second meeting of the integration committee with the participation of the representatives of the Russian Federation and the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics was recently held, thanks to which we have started to build not only theoretical but practical bridges toward integration.

A structure has been created that will build business processes for the interaction of Donbass enterprises with the enterprises of the Crimea and the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

The Director for the Center for Economic Cooperation of the Republics, Sergei Ageyev, assured that the market for the sale and raw materials from Donbass is not limited to one Russia, it even goes beyond the current Customs Union.

The industries of the Russian Federation and Ukraine have been working together since the times of the USSR. What is to be said about the Donbass, which the Soviet Union called the “industrial heart of Russia?” Donbass raw materials are in demand all over the world and across many industries.

In the construction of roads, in gas production and in fact the entire construction industry. Further removed parties, those not part of the Customs Union are also ready to buy, irrespective of sanctions – perhaps via a third party.


Also this year, bank lending was established. If earlier only state employees could receive loans, then now anyone can apply for a bank loan. That, of course, will give an impetus to the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Donbass.

So, to spite all skeptics, integration with Russia is not a myth. These small steps will not satisfy everyone, and whiners will continue their greatest mission to sow pessimism to the masses. Integration is happening, but many people persistently do not see progress. 

To summarize

The first quarter of this year was marked by an economic blockade and the introduction of external [from Ukraine] management of Donbass enterprises, the second laid the beginning of the theoretical part of economic integration with Russia, and finally the third began to embody it in life. It is obvious that such processes do not go as fast as we would like, but they certainly are occurring. 

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