End of an era? Kadyrov wishes to leave his post in Chechnya


November 26 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

RIA News  – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

Ramzan Kadyrov has stated that he was ready to leave the post of the head of Chechnya, because he believes that “it is time.”

On the air of a TV show, Kadyrov, who heads the republic since 2007, was asked if he was ready to step down.

“It can be said that it was my dream to be the leader of the region and bear responsibility for the people, for the republic before the Most High, for the leadership of the state, and for the people” Kadyrov said.

He explained that for each mistake that he made it will be necessary to answer “in this life, and in the next. So I would say that … well, it’s not that I’m tired, that I do not want to serve anymore, I just believe that the time has come. Once upon a time, someone like me was needed – to fight, to restore order. Today we have order, understanding in society, in Russia, first of all – that they recognize us as citizens of Russia. I believe that it is time for us to make changes in the Chechen Republic,” the head of the region said.

When asked about a possible successor, Kadyrov noted that “this is the prerogative of the state leadership, and the decision of the people.”

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