Former US Ambassador criticizes Saudi human rights, forgets she elected them to UN Human Rights Panel


November 15, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

BOSTON, United States of America – Irish-born Samantha Power, Professor of Practice at Harvard and former United States Ambassador to the UN has criticized the Saudi-led air campaign against Yemen highlighting on her Twitter that thousands of civilians have been killed through airstrikes and leading to starving people.

She concludes the tweet by stating that “Enough is enough.”

This powerful Tweet is a rare example of Western criticism of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, however, it comes to late as she is no longer the US ambassador to the UN.

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Rather, in her time at the UN, she expressed the US’s support for Saudi Arabia to be elevated as the head of the UN Human Rights Panel. 

It must be reminded that Saudi Arabia executes people for apostasy, accusations of witchcraft and conversion, and does not allow women into positions of power or even drive a car.

When she was in a position of power, she never highlighted these human rights abuses. This is another case of crocodile tears.

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