Future of Ukraine: Kiev politicians’ kids caught with swastikas and guns


November 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Olga Kazachenko, PolitNavigator – translated by Jafe Arnold –

Kiev, Ukraine. Children of Ukrainian parliament members have recently shown up on social networks posing with military-grade weapons and vividly displaying sympathy for Nazi ideology, the Kiev newspaper Vesti has reported.

For example, the publication discovered the social networking page of the elder son of the parliamentarian from the Self-Help Party, Tatyana Ostrikova, 15-year-old Georgiy Gushchesov. 

The newspaper reports: “The first photo on Georgiy’s VKontakte page shows young guys forming a human swastika. ‘Hitler would have been inspired by them, but they’re ours!’, Georgiy wrote with Ukrainian flag emoticons…”

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This young son of the notorious Verkhovna Rada deputy, Anton Gerashchenko, has also demonstrated his love for weapons on his page. Vesti reports: “On his page we found pictures of kids shooting a Kalashnikov machine gun, apparently with live ammunition judging by the magazine. He can also be seen wielding a Makarov pistol, and at home posing with two pistols – just like in his father’s famous picture – with arms folded. The boy’s fingers are on the triggers. In other pictures, Viktor is pulling the pen from an offensive RGD-5 grenade whose fragments spread seven meters…”

As reported before, the son of another deputy from Lyashko’s Radical Party was recently arrested for armed robbery. 

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