German readers: “Russians need only 7 – 9 minutes and it would be the end for us”


November 20 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

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FNA – translated by Inessa Sinchougova

A German journalist has expressed the opinion that NATO should prepare a “double answer” for the renewal of the “nuclear baton” of Moscow. 

Welt journalist Jacques Schuster wrote that Russia “behaves like it did 40 years ago,” actively updating the nuclear arsenal amid tense relations with the West.”As an example, Schuster cites the fact of the replacement of R-14 missiles with the RSD-10. 

The growth of the military power of Russia’s strategic forces Shuster calls the “undermining of parity between Russia and NATO in Europe” and suggests that NATO react “double so”, in particular by placing nuclear missiles in the highlands of Western Germany.

German readers of the publication did not support the position of the journalist, pointing out that Russia’s actions are reciprocal measures. Also, users warn about the inadvisability of the actions proposed by the somewhat psychotic article of the journalist:

“What a war against Russia will mean – even a ten-year-old child can imagine. The Russians need 7-9 minutes, and for Germany the story will end, “writes Robert H.

In addition, commentators believe, the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Germany is a double standard, because the country has adopted a program to close down nuclear power plants because of their dangers. 

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