Iran: We don’t need permission from anybody to protect our country


November 18, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

TEHRAN, Iran – Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser on international affairs to the Supreme Leader of Iran, commented Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on Iran’s ballistic missile program saying that “for defending Iran we don’t get permission to have missiles or not” he said while speaking in Tehran on Saturday.

“For Iran’s defense we don’t get permission to have missile or not, and he [French President Emmanuel Macron] tells how many kilometres the range of missile should be and how many kilometres shouldn’t be – none of his business, who is he to interfere?” Velayati said. 

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“If he wants the relation between Iran and France to be a growing relation, he should not interfere in these issues. It is the contrary to the France expediency, it is clear that our answer to him is negative,” he emphasized. 

“Why he says that after he gets the negative answer they tell that Mr. Macron failed in his policies, he does something that others say he has been successful in his policies. Mr. Macron should know and hear from us and accept it by me as an Iranian citizen, that if he interferes in these issues the answer will be definitely negative,” the adviser continued. 

“And it is not even one percent possible that we respond positively to this matter which is interfering in our defense affair,” he concluded.

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