Iraqi flags once again fly in the heart of the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq


November 3rd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein

BAGHDAD, Iraq. Al Mayadeen’s cameras have spotted the Iraqi flags flying in the center of Al Qa’im, the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq which got liberated earlier today. 

At the moment, the Iraqi Forces are combing the roads and look for any possible remains of ISIS terrorists who are reportedly escaping towards the Syrian border.

The Iraqi Forces have already begun with the second phase of the liberation of the entire Al Qa’im district.

For now, the process is going rapidly and there are no reports on casualties.

Today, Al Mayadeen was the first TV network to have entered the town. Its correspondent said that the Iraqi forces continue with evacuation of civilians from the town and are establishing safe passages.

The Iraqi Forces also liberated the Al Roumani bridge on the Euphrates River.

According to the field reports, the fleeing ISIS terrorists are smuggling their families to the desert areas of Nineveh province.

Earlier today, the joint Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) coalition liberated the Al Qa’im border crossing with Syria. 

The commander of the liberation operations in western part of Anbar province, said the PMU liberated all areas in the center of the nearby town of Al Karabila.

The military spokesman for the PMU Brigades, Jaafar Al Husseini, told Al Mayadeen that Al Qa’im district is now almost entirely liberated.

For his part, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi said his forces liberated the town of Husaybah, located on the Euphrates river in the Al Qa’im district of Al Anbar province in Iraq, and which is adjacent to the Al Qa’im border crossing with Syria.

Regarding today’s liberation process, Al Mayadeen correspondent said that Iraqi Army and the PMU brigades regained the town of Al Qa’im by first breaking through defense lines in the southern side of Al Qa’im and then proceeded towards the central axis of Al Tanak neighborhood, before crossing through three more defense lines set up by ISIS. Eventually, they reached the heart of the very last ISIS stronghold in Iraq.

On Friday morning, the joint coalition of the Iraqi Forces began the process of the second phase of the liberation of Al Qa’im district, and is surrounding ISIS terrorists from three axes, namely from the south, east and from direction of the Syrian border. 

The second phase of the operations reportedly began with heavy air and artillery shelling, with more reinforcements arriving from the southwestern axis of Al Qa’im.

Once reaching the Syrian border, the Iraqi Forces met with Syrian Army and IRGC units. 

The PMU and the Iraqi Army liberated the Qa’im border crossing with Syria, along with the town of Nahda Al Gharbiyeh, located south of Al Qa’im district.

The Iraqi Air Force intensified its air strikes on the outskirts of Al Qa’im, while also targeting ISIS terrorists on the southern axis of Al Qa’im district.

Previously, the PMU announced its forces have approached the center of the district of Al Qa’im from 2 km, stressing that its units and the Iraqi security forces reached the southern hills adjacent to the district and continue to advance.

Al Mayadeen correspondent said ISIS terrorists carried out some suicide bombings in order to impede the progress of Iraqi Forces, stressing that 40,000 units from different factions of the joint coalition of the Iraqi Forces are currently participating in the second phase of the liberation of the Al Qa’im district. 

The correspondent pointed out that the Iraqi Forces launched a missile attack on the positions of ISIS, while confirming that the soldiers have already broken through the first defense line of ISIS south of Husaybah and Al Karabila.

Already on Thursday, the Iraqi Forces have made advancements against ISIS in the southwest of Al Qa’im and freed about 85% of the town.

Al Mayadeen correspondent also pointed out that the Iraqi Forces cordoned off elements of ISIS from the southwestern part of the border with Syria, asserting that terrorists have moved their families from Al Qa’im towards the Jazeera.

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