ISIS allies? Israeli aircraft continue to strike Homs, Damascus


November 3 , 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Vesti – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

MOSCOW, Russia. 
The Israeli Air Force airplanes struck at positions of the Syrian army in the vicinity of Damascus and Homs.

Israeli pilots attacked an area near the industrial zone of Hassia, striking a blow from Lebanese airspace. There is no information about the losses of Syrian troops. Damascus said that Israel bombed a copper production plant near Homs, Tel Aviv insists that it was a factory for the production of weapons.

Israel aircraft were seen over the southern regions of Syria, the Bekaa valley. At low altitude they approached the eastern ridge of the Lebanese mountains on the border with Syria. Powerful blasts were noted on the Syrian territory to the north of Balbec. This city is located 90 kilometers from the capital of Lebanon – Beirut. They struck Homs, which is located 165 kilometers from the Syrian capital, Damascus.

On October 16, 2017, Israeli aircraft carried out a similar operation about 50 kilometers east of Damascus. At the same time, Tel Aviv had warned Moscow of the air strike. On September 22, Israeli planes attacked three sites in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport, which were controlled by fighters fighting on the side of the Syrian army of the Shiite militia Hezbollah. In addition, Israeli artillery fired on Syrian positions in the Golan.

Israeli pilots on September 7 also attacked positions of the Syrian army near the city of Masjaf in the central province of Hama, 220 kilometers from Damascus. Then two servicemen were killed.

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