ISIS’ round-trip ticket from Libya to Syria and back – their defeat spells disaster for Turkey and Qatar


November 5th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Analysis by: Steven Sahiounie, for FRN – 

”True colors always shine through” – stock photo circa 2015 – FSA and ISIS as part of the same operation

“The terrorist’s round trip ticket: leaving Libya in 2011, via Turkey, staying in Syria for a number of years, and then making a departure to Turkey, and arriving back in Libya …”

BEIRUT – Lebanon – As of November 1st, 2017 Raqqa is now free of ISIS. The Kurdish militias backed by the US have announced their victory. Not all the terrorists were killed, and many slipped over the border: literally walking across into Turkey, which has been their safe harbor since 2011. 

The Turkish government began hosting the terrorists and weapons at the behest of the US government, as they executed a foreign policy aimed to overthrow the existing governments of Libya, Egypt and Syria. 

The Syrian conflict began in March of 2011 in Deraa, a city on the border with Jordan. From the outset, Libyan mercenaries were in Deraa stockpiling weapons in the Al Omri Mosque. These weapons were confiscated, as war booty, from the Libyan government by the US. These weapons, and the core fighters, well seasoned terrorists, were transported across the border from Jordan, where a large US military base is located. 

Later, as the terrorism spread across Syria, the weapons confiscated by the US in Benghazi were warehoused and shipped by the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, who would later be killed there. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, had charged her Ambassador with handling the shipment of the weapons destined to be used by the terrorists in Syria, in coordination with Turkish officials, who would receive the shipments at the Port of Iskenderun, Turkey.

While the western media and governments were calling the fighters by the name of “Free Syrian Army” and inferring they were local Syrian men in an armed popular uprising, the facts on the ground were far different. The Obama Administration and the NATO and western allies didn’t want to publically admit they were using Radical Islamic terrorists as their ‘boots on the ground’.

The terrorists came pouring into Turkey from every corner of the globe. Many could not speak a word of Arabic. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and these fighters did not represent their faith. Radical Islam is a political ideology, and is neither a religion, nor a sect. 

This ideology is followed by many groups, and they all have different names. The world had become familiar with the name Al Qaeda both before and especially after the 9/11 WTC attack in NYC. However, this ideology goes back to a previous group which is a global political party called the Muslim Brotherhood, having been founded in 1928. 

The main difference between Al Qaeda, Jibhat al Nusra, Boko Haram, Taliban, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood is the name. The basic ideology and goals are the same, and in fact the Muslim Brotherhood is the largest and most followed of all the Radical Islamic terrorist groups. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is global, with offices across all of the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. In many countries they are designated as an outlawed terrorist organization. However, in the US and UK they are in the highest positions across the social, educational and political spectrum. Under the Obama administration the Muslim Brotherhood members held sensitive positions, even in security.

May 2013 – Obama and Erdogan met and agreed on the use of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist network to invade Syria

Both Qatar and Turkey have been staunch supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, has publically defended the Muslim Brotherhood, and declares they are not to be considered a terrorist organization. Both Qatar and Turkey worked hand in hand, along with their American partner, in the movement of terrorists, supplies, weapons and cash into Syria in order to topple the Assad government.

From the outset the Free Syrian Army was doomed to failure, because they did not have the support of enough Syrian men to be a success in facing the might of the Syrian Arab Army. It was necessary for them to invite their jihadist brothers, coming from every corner of the globe, to join them in Syria. 

These terrorists arrived through the airports of Turkey, making their way easily and safely to the Syrian border, where networks were in place to process their transportation, weapons, supplies, cash, and medical care. This was a well-oiled machine overseen and directed by the CIA office in Antakya.  

During the course of a 7 year war in Syria, ISIS emerged as a powerful group. They made the world sit up and take notice when they captured Mosul and Raqqa. However, after many years of Syrian and Iraqi suffering, the group has been defeated, and Mosul and Raqqa are free of ISIS occupation.

The officials in Egypt and Libya are reporting that ISIS is now in Libya, and attacking Egypt. Recently, they killed 16 police officers in one attack in Egypt. Egyptian officials know that they are coming in from the Libyan border, and they assert that it is Qatar who transported the terrorists from Syria to Libya. Egypt has long suffered at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, after thousands of unarmed civilians have been killed, as well as Egyptian police, security and Army. Egypt, Russia, Syria and many other countries have banned the Muslim Brotherhood.

The terrorist’s round trip ticket: leaving Libya in 2011, via Turkey, staying in Syria for a number of years, and then making a departure to Turkey, and arriving back in Libya. Qatar is their financial and ideological supporter, and Turkey is the willing partner of Qatar. Saudi Arabia, the Arab Gulf and USA have all lined up against Radical Islamic terrorism recently, and are against Qatar and Turkey.

President Trump is thought to be on the verge of announcing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The US-Saudi Summit set the stage for a new anti-terrorism policy adopted by the US, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf, which has pointed a finger at Qatar and Turkey for their staunch support of the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.          


Steven Sahiounie is an independent Syrian-American political analyst and writer based out of Lebanon; he has been covering the Syrian crisis since it’s onset in 2011 and has published several articles in numerous media outlets, including Mint Press and Fort Russ News – He is regularly interviewed by US, Canadian and German media.

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