Litvin, a commander of Yarosh’s army: “After we cleanse Donbass, we will settle the question of Crimea”


November 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Novorosinform, translated by Tom Winter –

Kiev. Participants in the Ukrainian Nazi battalions are preparing to intensify military operations and dream of unleashing a war in the Crimea after the cleansing of the Donbass. The commander of the 5th division of the battalion, Ukrainian Volunteer Army headed by Yarosh (extremist organization banned in Russian – edd), Litvin (call sign “Black”), said in an interview with Apostrophe.

According to him, the punitive battalions of the Nazis have long been waiting for hostilities to heat up in the Donbass.

“For the professional soldiers – and I believe that we are professional already – there is nothing worse than these lulls, because the dynamics get dragged out — this winner’s gene is stirring – and I really want to develop it further, forward, forward, forward. And win,” said Litvin.

At the same time, the representative of the militants flatly refused to consider the possibility of talks with Russia.

“Why should we deal with it diplomatically if it is an aggressor country? Maybe then we will give it to the aggressor in the teeth any better? Nothing cures Russia better than a shovel on the head. They do not understand anything else, only when they get it – then they start thinking a little: ‘Hey what was that for?’ And until they get a setback, they will try to give it to us on the head. This is happening to us now, that’s why we must react.

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“What Russia thinks, to me is deeply uninteresting. Absolutely. She’s doing it to us now. They humiliate our honor, dignity, do this to our state. We were born here, we live here – it means that this is our God given land, and we must protect it from all sorts of reptiles. It’s the normal duty of a man – just to step up and give it in the teeth to the little man who invaded your house with his rules. And we will do it. No choice,” said the Nazi.

Litvin recalled that his boss Yarosh dreams of visiting a cafe in the DPR after the cleansing of Donetsk, and expressed his confidence that there will be such an opportunity for members of the Naz-battalions. At the same time, after the clean-up of the Donbass, the Nazis will ready an attack on the Crimea in all seriousness.

“I think that after the cleansing of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, after getting them to their right mind, I think that I would like us to return the Crimea simply walking in. 

I understand perfectly well that Donetsk and Lugansk will still be part of Ukraine. They will not get away from us anywhere. The time has come. What they could do, they have already done. Their resources are not gaining but diminishing. The Ukrainian resources, on the contrary, are increasing. With all the problems, with all the troops, with this talk about lethal and non-lethal weapons,”- noted the comrade of Yarosh.

According to him, in the war on the territory of Crimea, the Ukrainian troops will use long-range artillery and rocket weapons.

“How will the enemy get supplies there (by Crimea), by sea? Well, super, or on the Kerch bridge? It’s all gin and sin, let them play. Right now, in principle, we are developing a missile program. And this is only a matter of distance and effective use of weapons. If there is adequate missile armament, then it’s not a question of distance. Only the question of precise use and hitting the target. Everything … In the Crimea, it makes no sense to directly apply infantry units. We can do this from our territory. Do it quietly. we will theoretically have enough Ukrainian missile armament for this, new technologies or with the production of some new things, because the range allows us to use it effectively. If there is an assignment of some ground operation, then there will have to be some expenditure. What’s the difference, the Crimea is coming back willy-nilly, ” the soldier said.

At the same time, he stressed that none of the Ukrainian Nazis will take any note of civilians.

“I just want to do it right and with victory. That’s all. Like we’ve always done, and to tell you that the civilian population will suffer … The fact is that the civilian population suffers in any war, always. And the civilian population also alwayshas a choice, no matter what anyone says,” stated Litvin.

Earlier, ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine Kuzmuk stated that the Ukrainian army has enough strength to go right up to the Russian border, but for this it will be necessary to “wipe out the cities of Donbass from the face of the earth.”

Recall that Ukrainian politicians and the military regularly make categorical statements regarding the return of the Donbass. In April, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Turchynov said that the Ukrainian military in the Donbass should move east “meter by meter, kilometer per kilometer,” “most importantly – do not slip through the border.”

At the end of December 2016, Turchinov said that Kiev was ready for “the cleansing of the occupied territories.”

In October, the Nazi Yarosh stated that Kiev would regain control of the Donbass on April 20, 2018 – the birthday of Hitler.

In June, Jarosch announced the preparation of an “imminent military operation” in the Donbass.

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