Moscow-based Syrian opposition refuses to join conference in Saudi Arabia because of radical Islamist elements


November 22, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

MOSCOW, Russia – The Syrian opposition based in Moscow did not travel to the Saudi capital of Riyadh to take part in the Syrian opposition conference.

The group is not eliminating the possibly of joining the conference if other participants abandon their radical approach, Chairman of the Moscow group Qadri Jamil told TASS on Wednesday.

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“We are not taking part, because we have reached no consensus on the final statement, which contains unacceptable conditions, which contradict the letter and spirit of UN Resolution 2254,” Jamil said.

“There is one clause there, a precondition, as usual, about the president’s resignation. We proposed to postpone this issue, because there is no agreed stance on it and enshrine this in the statement. Let everyone adhere to one’s own point of view,” Jamil said, adding that the parties have an understanding on the remaining issues.

“If there are changes in the stance of the extremist forces on the final statement, we will change our position and give our observer the authority to represent the group, and, if we have enough time, we will come,” Jamil noted. “We are open to further dialogue and are ready to work together to form a single delegation.”

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