Moscow slams report by UN-OPCW on Syrian chemical incident in Khan Sheikhoun


November 10, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Paul Antonopoulos

MOSCOW, Russia – Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry‘s Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Mikhail Ulyanov said on Wednesday that the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) report on the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun in Syria’s Idlib province are amateurish and politically biased.

“There is an impression that the United States was able to look through the document in advance and was reasonably alarmed that the JIM work would be subject to more criticism after its publication,” Ulyanov said.

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“That is what actually happened as the document is amateurish and was written as a political put-up job,” he added.

The incident took place on 4 April 2017 with around 100 people being killed. The Syrian and Russian government’s maintain that it was committed by the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front as a false flag operation to provoke a US retaliation.

The US in response to the chemical attack launched 59 cruise missiles on Shayrat Airbase, a Syrian airfield used primarily to launch airstrikes against ISIS at the time.

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