No such Intermarium – Poland says Ukraine owes it restitution for Hitler era crimes


November 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 
– Joaquin Flores for FRN – 

Stock photo – Polish Army detachment at attention

WARSAW, Poland – The Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bartosz Chichkochi has issued a statement reminding Ukraine that it owes Poland restitution for its war crimes and crimes against humanity during the Hitler era. Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Bartosz Chichkochi has said that Ukraine’s position to date is not conducive to further strategic partnership in a number of spheres. Ukraine’s official far-right turn following a US backed coup in recent years, has led to an increase in historical revisionism on the part of Ukraine’s emerging official position.

According to Chichkochi, such a view of history, and the failure to condemn recent remarks from Ukrainian officials and MP’s, makes increased partnership very difficult to pursue.

The diplomat cited as an example the “thoughtless rehabilitation” of the UPA, the use of “Soviet style language” regarding the occupation of Poland by the territory of western Ukraine, and the “shocking decision” of Kiev to prohibit the search and exhumation of the remains of Polish victims of military conflicts.

Chichkochi urged the government to react to the situation in which Poland continues to treat Ukraine as an ally, while Kiev is showing an unfriendly attitude.

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The strategic push to bring together a Baltic to Black sea alliance of countries, perhaps neither EU nor EAEU, or along military terms; neither a European Army (if this is formed) nor the CSTO – but rather as a more direct partner of the US in a post-NATO scenario, is continually frustrated by the unresolved historical differences between Ukraine and its neighbor, Poland. 

Such an Intermarium project is the professed geostrategic approach of the Neo-Nazi parties and movements represented as the king-making opposition in Ukraine’s Rada today. Those parties rose to prominence during the US backed ‘Maidan Square’ revolution, where the US funded Neo-Nazi extremist and Liberal groups to the tune of some $5 billion USD, according to official testimony of Victoria Nuland, then in charge of these operations, to the US Congress. 

A much less expansive version of the Intermarium project already the policy of some ‘Intermarium’ states. The Visegard Group is a similar project, in smaller form – minus Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia. Belarus has indicated an interest an interest in the economic end of this, but critics of this view Belarus as acting as a Russian proxy, with the aim of swaying the development of any Intermaria project from within. 

Chichkochi made these comments chiefly in response to Ukraine’s recalcitrance in condemning it’s war crimes against Poles in WWII. He also talked about the decisions of the Ukrainian side “reversing our bilateral relations” such as those “aimed at the good name of Poland”. 

Victims of a massacre committed by the pro-Nazi UPA in the village of Lipniki, Poland, 1943

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